Pate Gan Ngỗng Pháp 130g Rougie

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Công ty Sản Xuất & xuất khẩu: Euralis Gastronomie Avenue Du Perigord 24200 Sarlat - Frence

Xuất sứ: Pháp

Đơn vị tính giá trên Website : theo 1 KG

Đặc Điểm: 100% Gan Ngỗng + Champagne + Pepper

Quy cách: ~360g/pc

Bảo quản: +2 --> +4 độC

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This duck liver is a particular specialty from Alofood and of Rougie. It is matured in real champagne and seasoned with two aromatic types of pepper. Sarawak pepper comes from Malaysian part of Borneo and maniguette pepper, also known as grains of paradise known comes from the west coast of Africa from Guinea. The entiere has a nice shape and craft a good cut resistance and can be presented very attractively.

Reference: Danh sách sản phẩm Hải Sản Nhập Khẩu


Additional information about the product

Description Duck liver - Entier, with champagne, Sarawak maniguette pepper, Rougie

Item Number:       PTE015368

Content:                1000g per item

Packaging:             Shell

Date of minimum durability

Last date of minimum durability: 18.8.2018 Up to Ø 617 days from date of shipment.

Gross weight:        1070g

Availability:           NOW AVAILABLE

Quantity in stock: 10

Cooled Product:    Yes, fresh product 0-7 ° C

BIO-certified          No

Manufacturer (Responsible entrepreneurs)

Euralis Gastronomie, Avenue du Périgord BP118, 24203 Sarlat cedex, Frankreich.


Duck foie gras, champagne 2%, salt, pepper 0.35% (0.25% Black Sarawak pepper, 0.1% white pepper), grains of paradise, sugar, antioxidant: sodium L-ascorbate, preservative: sodium nitrite. Refrigerate at + 2 ° C - + 4 ° C. FR-24520002 CE Features: alcoholic.

Nutritional table for Per 100g / 100ml

Calorific value            2177 kJ / 528 kcal

Fat                               54 g

Saturated fatty acids 23 g

Carbohydrates          2,7 g

Of which sugars        0,9 g

Protein                       7,6 g

Salt                             1,2 g

Allergy Advice about the product (contain allergens)

Allergens in the ingredients if necessary bold listed. Or no allergens exist or they have not been communicated to us by the manufacturer / supplier.



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